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Stencil Cleaner


Introducing the K2000, an upgraded version of the K1800 stencil cleaner, designed to take stencil cleaning efficiency to the next level. With its more powerful diaphragm pump, the K2000 ensures superior cleaning performance, while its dual indicator control system provides precise control over the cleaning process, offering unmatched versatility.

Equipped with a built-in counter, the K2000 keeps track of the quantity of stencils cleaned, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking to optimize their cleaning operations. Both the K1800 and K2000 are high-performance pneumatic stencil cleaner that utilize compressed air as power, eliminating any risk of fire during pneumatic operation.

Compared to its predecessor, the K2000 stands out with its robust horsepower diaphragm pump, delivering superior cleaning efficiency. The inclusion of dual indicator control further widens the process window, ensuring a more flexible and precise cleaning experience.

The K2000 boasts all-around cleaning capabilities for effectively removing organic and inorganic residues from product surfaces. The 2-in-1 cleaning and drying processes take place in a single chamber, where strategically placed nozzles generate high-concentrated pressure for optimal results. By blowing out chemical liquid inside the pipe, chemical consumption is reduced, enhancing efficiency.

The high-efficiency diaphragm pump allows for adjustable pressure settings to meet specific cleaning needs, while also promoting faster drying and significantly reducing processing time. To keep track of operations, the machine comes with a convenient time counter that can be set for a specified time interval, ensuring efficient and well-monitored cleaning cycles.

Choose the K2000 for unparalleled stencil cleaner performance and productivity.


Machine Size:L1000 x W750 x H1760 mm
Machine Weight:300KG
Max Stencil Size:750 x 750 x 40mm