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Aqueous Inline PCB Cleaning Equipment


Introducing the AT5000, an aqueous inline PCB cleaning equipment specifically engineered to effectively remove all flux residues and contaminants from both lead and lead-free applications, catering to non-clean and water-soluble type applications. This cutting-edge machine comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features, including cleaning, rinsing, and drying functions, ensuring optimal cleaning performance and process flexibility.

Designed to excel at cleaning PCBs with low stand-off, the AT5000 boasts a compact size of 5 meters, delivering the same level of process flexibility and capability as its counterpart, the AT7000.

Moreover, the AT5000 is equipped with intelligent automation, as it automatically shuts off the cleaning and rinsing motor pump if no PCB is detected within a certain time, enhancing energy efficiency and safety. Additionally, the machine offers versatility with different conveyor mesh designs tailored to accommodate various products.

The conveyor system is further enhanced with a board counter sensor, enabling efficient monitoring during the cleaning process.

Experience the ultimate PCB cleaning equipment with the AT5000, setting new industry standards in performance, efficiency, and ease of use.


TypePCB Cleaning Equipment
Machine Size:L5030 x W1650 x H1550 mm
Net Weight:2000KG
Max Cleaning Size:L400 x W600 mm x H100 mm