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Power Up PCB Cleaning with KED E600 at Productronica India 2023!

Power Up PCB Cleaning with KED E600 at Productronica India 2023!

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Are you ready for a game-changing experience in PCB batch cleaning technology? Join us at Productronica India 2023, happening from September 13th to 15th at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre! Our trusted distributor, Hibex India, will unveil the incredible KED E600 PCB batch cleaning machine at this highly anticipated event. 

Here’s what makes the KED E600 stand out:

  • Efficiency Maximization: With two pumps operating independently, the KED E600 optimizes its cleaning power. This means faster cleaning cycles and the removal of stubborn contaminants like flux residues and solder paste with ease.
  • Low Chemical Consumption: Our dual pump system is a game-changer when it comes to chemical consumption. By precisely controlling the chemical delivery, the KED E600 ensures that only the necessary amount is used, reducing waste and lowering your operational expenses.
  • Cost Savings: Reducing chemical consumption and recycling DI waste water means you’ll spend less on sourcing and disposing of chemical and water, reducing your operational costs significantly.

With the KED E600, you’re not just investing in a batch cleaner; you’re investing in a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable cleaning solution. This technology is engineered to enhance your productivity, reduce operational expenses, and promote responsible manufacturing practices.

So, come and experience the KED E600 firsthand at Productronica India 2023 by visiting the Hibex India at booth PC47. Our team of experts will be on hand to provide live demonstrations, answer your queries, and engage in discussions about how this cutting-edge technology can optimize your PCB cleaning processes. We look forward to welcoming you at Productronica India 2023!

To know more about E600, please visit here. 

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