Equipment’s for Semiconductor

Fully Automatic Wet Bench Machine

The system uses a single-axis horizontal left-right Transmission

Wafer Cleaning Machine WPC240 and 340

Two-fluid spray cleaning——-High-speed centrifugal dewatering

CMOS Cleaning Machine CPC600

LCD, VCM , CCD surface Particle and dust cleaning

Centrifugal cleaning machine Xpower 100

Can do cleaning with whole magazine. Saving loading and unloading time

1. What are your specialties?

We have serviced numerous manufacturers since our establishment in 2017, and we will customize their SMT solutions based on their diverse goods, capacity, number of staff, and financial situation. With over 5 years of SMT experience, we offer one-stop mechanical solutions. Cleaning a circuit board may appear to be a tough operation, yet these boards become filthy all the time. A variety of materials endanger the performance and safety of these devices. As a result, we also design and build our own circuit board cleaning machine Malaysia to efficiently remove resin and flux residues from populated boards and hybrids, as well as production-related residues caused by handling.

2. How do I choose the correct circuit board cleaning machine?

When electronics are soldered, flux or other forms of pollutants are always left on the surface of printed circuit boards, even if no cleaning flux is used. We produce a series of circuit board cleaning machines Malaysia with various characteristics that are suitable for all consumers. AT3000 is one of the items. AT3000 is a high-power and concentrated cleaning machine. It is a completely automated machine with washing, rinsing, and drying operations that take a very short period. Meanwhile, the AT7000 is an inline cleaning machine capable of eliminating all flux residues and pollutants from lead and lead-free applications that are water-soluble. The machine also has tilted, rinsing, and drying capabilities to improve cleaning performance and process flexibility.